Minden Games
(solitaire, tactical WWI air)
    Eindekker is a solitaire, tactical WWI air game, set in France 1915, and simuklates the "Fokker Scourge" period, when the single-wing German Eindekker threatened to rule the skies.  The player (taking the Germans) is cast in the role of a single German fighter pilot, such as Max Immelmann or Oswald Boelcke, and flies a variety of combat and recon missions over the trenches, encountering allied planes in dogfights along the way.  Victory is determined after seven days of missions, with victory points gained through successfully completing missions, downing enemy planes, and keeping your own plane intact.  Designed by Bob Flood.

16 page illustrated rule booklet
31 color thick card counters
8.5" x 11" display